What's your initial reaction when you see a person living on the street?
...Is it to say G'day?

On Friday 7 October 2022, St Bart’s is hosting its Say G’day initiative in a bid to highlight the positive impact a simple acknowledgment can have on the people doing it tough on our streets.

St Bart’s has been supporting people experiencing homelessness for almost 60 years and, in that time, we have heard countless stories of their feelings of worthlessness when members of the public turn their gaze, cross the street, and make imaginary phone calls in an attempt to avoid contact with them. 

But here's the thing...

Homelessness doesn’t discriminate. No matter your age, race, sex or previous status – it can happen to anyone. And at the end of the day, we’re all human and we all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

The Say G’day initiative precedes three important dates in the annual calendar; WA Mental Health Week from October 8-15, and both World Mental Health Day and World Homeless Day on October 10. 

Saying G'day doesn't cost a thing.But it can bring change.
  • Every night in WA more than 9,000 people experience homelessness.
  • Seven percent of the homeless population nationally are rough sleepers (12% in WA).
  • But what can I do to create change?

How do I support the Say G'day initiative?

Spread the word!

Talk to your friends, family and colleagues. Post on your social media channels. Be sure to tag St Bart's and use the hashtag #SayGday

You can also:


Whether it's individual or corporate, we appreciate any volunteering of your time and skills. Please contact our Volunteer Programs Manager, Carla Mele at St Bart's and make a difference today.


$2 or $200 every dollar counts. We appreciate any donations made to St Bart's and together we can bring change to many West Australian's doing it tough.

Helpful resources:

Message Template:

  • Homelessness does not discriminate. It can, and does, happen to people from all walks of life. And while the causes differ from person to person, what links those experiencing homelessness is that it is not deserved, it is not inevitable and it is not their fault. Causes of homelessness include domestic violence, isolation, losing a job, high rental prices, relationship breakdown, death of a loved one, physical and/or mental illness and addiction. Friday 7 October is Say G'day Day. So when you're walking down the street, don't avoid eye contact with those doing it tough and "Say G'day". It's a simple act that can bring positive change. #SayGday #MakeEyeContact #Acknowledge #LiftEachOtherUp #ItCostsNothing #BeTheChange #StBartsPerth @stbarts_perth Copy Text
  • People sleeping rough often experience feelings of invisibility and worthlessness, largely due to the fact that those passing by don't acknowledge them. We all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, so join us on Friday 7 October (and every other day of the year, for that matter) and say "G'day" as you walk by those doing it tough on our streets. #SayGday #MakeEyeContact #Acknowledge #LiftEachOtherUp #ItCostsNothing #BeTheChange #StBartsPerth @stbarts_perth Copy Text
  • Picture this – you're living on the streets and dealing with the harsh realities of homelessness. Now picture this – everyone that walks past you either averts their gaze, crosses the street or makes an imaginary phone call in an effort to avoid interacting with you or even acknowledging your existence. How would this make you feel? On Friday 7 October, we encourage everyone to think about what their initial reaction is when they see a person living on the street and how that reaction may impact their mental health and wellbeing when they are already down. Saying "G'day" doesn’t cost a thing... but it can bring change. #SayGday #MakeEyeContact #Acknowledge #LiftEachOtherUp #ItCostsNothing #BeTheChange #StBartsPerth @stbarts_perth Copy Text

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